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A note from Joseph C. Stroble regarding his philosophy on the practice of personal injury law:

In literally a blink of an eye, life as you know it is irrevocably changed.  You may suffer an injury that takes months or years of rehabilitation.  You might suffer an injury that results in permanent loss of use of a limb, or an impaired ability to process thought.  Finally, and most tragically, without being afforded the time to say goodbye, you may lose a parent, sibling or child.
You need a person like me to be your voice, your protector, your advocate both out of and in the courtroom.  Protecting the rights of injured parties is a highly specialized field, one that requires the right combination of knowledge, experience and resources.  The Law Offices Of Joseph C. Stroble is highly skilled in personal injury law.
Personal injury matters are intensely personal and private.  You are not just another client of the Law Offices Of Joseph C. Stroble.  We limit the number of personal injury cases so that each client receives my personal attention.  Each case is unique, yet the feelings of overwhelming stress and anxiety for the client are universal.  The last worry a client should have is whether their attorney has enough time to spend on their case.
The Law Offices Of Joseph C. Stroble has the financial capacity to advance the often substantial costs of litigation, allowing us to bring an enormous array of resources to our team.  To enhance our level of service even more, we utilize today's most advanced technology including computer generated exhibits, state of the art software and other cutting edge resources.  I am dedicated to protecting the interest of injured persons.  I have access to recognized experts in respective fields to determine the origin of an injury, the extent of the injury, the permanency of the injury and the cost associated with future treatment of the injury.
I am available at times of emergency and I know from experience that emergencies often do not happen during normal business hours.
Call me anytime at (631) 244-8297 or       E-mail for an initial consultation.
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