Product Liability
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Product Liability

Product Liability


This is a specialized area of personal injury trial law which involves products that are dangerous due to their design, manufacture or marketing and cause injury to a consumer or bystander. 


The Law Offices of Joseph C. Stroble have the experience and expertise in this complex area of litigation that requires an attorney capable of building a technical case against corporations well equipped to avoid their legal responsibility.


There are many examples of product liabilities:


  •  Defectively designed or manufactured products


  •  Products that do not live up to their respective warranties or  guarantees


  •  Products that cause injury due to normal use and products  that have unclear, incorrect or incomplete instructions or  guidelines for use and therefore cause injury or damage  


Joseph C. Stroble believes that in order to represent our injured clients in the best possible manner, you must have an understanding of the human anatomy and how it responds to an injury. Therefore, through experience and education, The Law Offices of Joseph C. Stroble is able to expertly evaluate injuries and successfully pursue claims on behalf of the injured client.


While proving a physical, emotional, or cognitive injury can be difficult, Joseph C. Stroble is able to undertake difficult cases and prevail, convincing skeptics of the merits of a claim via credible, trustworthy evidence and objective test findings. The Law Offices of Joseph C. Stroble is committed to protecting our client's rights and has repeatedly demonstrated our ability to succeed in the most challenging and complex injury cases.


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